Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life is unexpected.
Treasure the ones, treasure everything.
Had being practicing at sis's manicure shop. Indeed, its was tired.
But grow up, someday got t put effort in our own career.
Im still aiming for my Burberry Black Label wallet!,
and my lovely TAIWAN trip. If nth went wrong, 2011 April. (:
Feb14 will be our 1st CNY & Valentine, Feb27 will be our 1st yr we met,
March14 will be ur 1st birthday we are tgr, April19 will be our 1st anniv.
Our 4 1st days in 2010.

everlastinglove. 9:22 PM.
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

everlastinglove. 1:30 PM.
Thursday, November 12, 2009

our 7months is reaching.
my birthday just passed last week. time flies.
had a wonderful night with my love and friends.
love gave me a samsung jet as my birthday present~!
& prepared a cake and pink rose flowers. <3
his bike gave him some problems again. haiz.
so he was self repairing stupid dumbdumb stil wear my dad shoes. hahaha.

everlastinglove. 12:44 AM.
Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our first 6th month is reaching.
Love my boy so much.

everlastinglove. 5:07 AM.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i dont like my life now.
no one ll ever understand.

everlastinglove. 4:28 PM.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

twilight, new moon trailer was out in the net.
more actions and casts. holding on t it...
weekday always past so slow

i miss you MR TAN~

everlastinglove. 12:19 AM.
Sunday, September 13, 2009

friday, went tpy for dinner while waiting for answer,
but last min someone put aeroplane. so went bck hm t rest first
and went out t meet jess.. for supper.
saturday, went shopping at plaza sing.
met up with shihui, jingwen and qianyi.
so jingwen went back home first.
both follow us t eat at ajisen.
went t de new shopping centre, beside cine.
its was like a maze, so big.
aft walkin we went back home and prepare for our movies ltr.
gamer m18, with jess's cousin along, she cant watch
so we watched, The Ugly Truth.
hilarous, funny. recommended love comedy movie.
ate at mac and met rahmah after her praying.
so sad she cnt start her bike, have t tow back t de shop.
but she always busy wit her things nowadays, don have time t ride..
went back home n rest, damn tired.
love was tired out n slept over at my hse.
sorry we try t go home early whenever we can k.
he went back home as he's bookin ltr, haiz
but next week he book in from fri t wed night and book out on de fri agn.
haha. but october don have any public holidays..
time flies. coming sunday ll be our 5th month. ♥

everlastinglove. 3:41 PM.
Sunday, September 6, 2009

yesterday, we went with rahmah t take her new scambler bike.
its cool and short haha.
went ard t get their things and acc love t go hm and bath.
and so we headed t lechelle's house t wash bike and helping on love's assignment.
was actually watching movies at night but cause of some matters.
accompanied rahmah back home, and headed t my house tgr.
so we quarrel again. haiz.
sorry for my temper but i didnt mean it. and please don tink so much k.
very very sorry, love.

everlastinglove. 2:18 PM.
Sunday, August 23, 2009

love stay overnight at my house.
was raining heavily and he was drenched.
there's someone you love,
with you by ur side. its really very sweet.
but time past so fast huh.
went back home as he got t book in later.
sunday always de most unhappy time.
hari raya is reaching, hope he can have more leave.
love you my loveee.

everlastinglove. 3:47 PM.

went out with my love for de whole day.
repair his bike, there's quite a few problems over and over again.
come on dont be like this. be good. haha!
watched orphan in de night at tpy, was nt bad.
quite shocking when you knw de truth. lol.
we was so hungry frm de noon,
as we was meeting jess they all for steamboat, so can eat more lol.
thought of gg out t other place t slack,
but love was too tired and its gg t rain while i said its nt.
so i show my bad temper and attitude t him.
because we only can meet weekend and time past so fast.
sorry but nw i do understand already.
i still love you soo soooo much k.
i can see with my own eyes on how you treat me.
nth t say, very very damn good.
sorry and love you!~

everlastinglove. 3:33 AM.
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

met up with lechelle for dinner at plaza.
hehe its so long that we last met up.
proud t be de first t meet up with ur new attachment?
haha, hope this ll be a true and sweet relationship for you.
thanks for your advice too.
i had a bad past but now when we found nice caring bf,
we shld cherish and treasure de moments.
apologize that i cant meet u up for swim de next day.
haha, but there still ll hv chance.
hmm, i miss my boyy so much.
our 4th months im alone while u r in camp.
but nvm, we ll be meetin up on tis weekend. loves.
i hope that it wont be our only topic. you understand what i mean eh.
because i believe true love its not only like this right?
but i still love you so much. ♥

everlastinglove. 10:31 PM.

Happy fourth month, boyy.
i miss you so much.
love you.

everlastinglove. 12:06 AM.
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i' hv been staying at home for wks.
so good girl. hehe.
haiz but i do miss him alot.
6months is a long journey without him.
the past and now is so diff,
time is lesser. weekdays always pass so slow.
actually i don't like you t do that,
but its ur interest.
half a year its like counting down for our 1yr alr.
lucky my birthday falls on de friday.
till feb i only can celebrate wit him for 3months of 19th.
so sad. hmmm.

everlastinglove. 9:25 AM.



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